Well behaved women seldom make history. PHOTO: Women’s suffrage supporters demonstrating with signs reading, ‘Wilson Against Women,’ in Chicago on October 20, 1916. President Wilson withheld his support for Votes of Women until 1918. [Shutterstock]

Our Story

In spring 2018, a group of women friends got together for what we laughingly called the Power Hour, since we met at Mario’s Place in downtown Riverside over cocktails to talk about the lack of women in elected office. We discussed ways to encourage and support more women to run for office.

From those conversations came an idea to rally around the 19th Amendment, celebrating the ratification of the amendment that gave women the right to vote. We would use an annual anniversary event of the amendment as a way to showcase the great women leaders we currently have in office and to encourage more women to run.

For our first event in 2018, we collaborated with the Riverside Woman’s Club and the League of Women Voters of Riverside to put together our inaugural event. AND IT WAS A SUCCESS!

This year’s Celebrate the 19th Amendment anniversary event will be held on Monday, August 26, 2019 from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Riverside Women’s Club.

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We appreciate the support of our sponsors:

Emcee Patricia Lock Dawson, Riverside Unified School District trustee visits with Charity Schiller and Michelle Ouellette from Best Best Krieger.

Our inaugural Celebrate the 19th Amendment event was very well attended.
Joan Donahue, League of Women Voters (left) and Robbie Kennedy, Riverside Women’s Club, were event partners for the 2018 event.

Photos provided by ©Lorrie Photography.